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A lot of customer don’t know how to choose melting furnace, some user choosed wrong, they have to lose it and lost a lot of money.

The melting theory of induction furnace is medium frequency eddy to make metal atom move to generate heat to melt matal, so the material must be big block metal. So induction furnace only can melt metal, also need be block more than 100mm.

Somebody add a graphite crucible inside to make the graphite crucible hot the hot non-metal material, the energy consumption must be higher than SAF (Submerged Arc Furnace).

Note: EAF and SAF is same furnace, but for metal melting, because it is conductor, the fire point will be at the top of material, it is named Electric Arc Furnace; For non-material, the fire point will be at the bottom of furnace, it means that the melting point is submerged in raw material, so it is named Submerged Arc Furnace, below we will use the name of SAF talk it.

Three years before a Korean customer want to melt Ferrotungsten, they did not know choose induction furnace or arc furnace, I told them don’t use induction furnce to melt it, but they did not believe us.

Two years ago I went to Korea to visit them, they were installing induction furnace, I repeated to them can’t use induction furnce to melt ferrotungsten, their staff that bought furnace was angry, because they learned other factory use induction furnace to melt ferrotungsten, they think it must be worked well.

Last year they came to talk with me want to install an arc furnace to melt ferrotungsten in Vietnam, I asked how about their induction furnace, they told me can’t work, induction furnace only can heat the periphery material become red, can’t melt the material, if they increase the current much more, the graphite crucible will be melt and broken…

We said that induction furnace through graphite crucible to hot the meterial, block metal can generate eddy itself, but non-metal can’t. For arc furnace, the theory is using arc fire the material, the theorical temperature of arc is 5500°C, any material can be melt by it, also the melting speed is quickly.

For melting metal, if it is big block steel, it is better to use induction furnace, if it is steel powder, you’d better to use EAF, also EAF can adjust the component of steel. But for other non-ferrous metals only can use induction furnace, just like copper scrap, if you use EAF, because the melting temperature is very high, it will have 5% copper be evaporated, the consumption is very high.

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