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A ferrosilicon melting furnace is a type of furnace that is used to melt ferrosilicon, which is an alloy made up of iron and silicon. The furnace is typically made up of a refractory-lined vessel that is heated by an electric arc or other heating source.

The process of melting ferrosilicon involves heating the alloy to a high temperature until it becomes molten. This molten alloy can then be cast into different shapes and sizes, depending on the specific application.

Ferrosilicon is commonly used as a deoxidizer and alloying agent in the production of steel, as well as in the production of cast iron and other metals. The melting furnace is a critical part of the production process, as it allows for the precise control of temperature and other variables that are necessary to produce high-quality ferrosilicon products.

You can choose the melting furnace of below as per your budget, raw material and power supply, we can produce it as your detailed requirement:

DC Electric Arc Furnace

Submerged Arc Furnace

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