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Ferrotungsten melting furnaces is used in the production of ferrotungsten, which is an alloy comprised of iron and tungsten. The furnaces are typically electric arc furnaces, where an electric arc is used to heat the metal and separate the tungsten from other impurities. The process involves melting ferrotungsten scrap or tungsten-bearing ores, and the output is a high-quality ferrotungsten alloy that is used in the production of a wide range of products, including tools, alloys, and heavy-duty metal parts.

The Ferrotungsten melting technology typically involves the use of electric arc furnaces. These furnaces use electrodes to generate an electric arc, which creates intense heat that melts the tungsten and iron. The scrap ferrotungsten or tungsten-bearing ores are loaded into the furnace and then subjected to a high-temperature environment, typically around 3,000 degrees Celsius. During the melting process, slag is also formed as the impurities in the ferrotungsten separate from the molten metal. The slag is then removed, leaving behind the purified ferrotungsten alloy.

The melting technology used in ferrotungsten furnaces is highly advanced, with sophisticated sensors and controls that ensure the correct temperature and other parameters are maintained throughout the process. This helps to ensure a high-quality product that meets the required specifications for various applications.

We specially focus on producing Small DC electric ARC furnace, this equipment with high efficiency and Low energy consumption, and the higher temperature can melt many kinds of metal or nonmetal ore to produce many kinds of special metal and alloys.

Our equipment can keep working 24 hours, we have advanced technology content on this field.

We can produce one electrode and three electrodes DC electric arc furnace, this will base on the equipment’s producing capacity. Whether melting metal or nonmetal, DC arc furnace can save more than 20% energy than AC furnace, because melting material will be turned up from bottom following electric current then fall down as boiling, so the melting speed will be higher. Such as melting one ton scrap steel powder, the consumption of DC ARC furnace will be 610 KWh, but induction furnace will be 1100 KWh.

If you need larger furnace, it should be AC equipment, because the rectifier system will be very complex and expensive, but AC will be simple and easy to maintain.

In a word, we can produce DC Electric ARC furnace (EAF), AC Electric ARC furnace (EAF) and Submerged ARC furnace (SAF), this will base on customer’s raw material, producing capacity, and products, if you want to melt steel, scrap iron powder, Silicon, Ferro-silicon, Ferro-chrome, Ferro-manganese, Ferro-tungsten and other alloys, please feel free to inquire us the details.