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China was traditional ferroalloy manufacturer in the world, even our government limited 25% export cost, the price is cheaper than other developing countries, because the melting experience is very valuable, this is very important for saving the cost.
If you want to buy these ferroalloys, such as Ferrosilicon, Si-Al-Calcium Barium Ferroalloy, Silicon-Aluminum-Calcium-Barium-Ferrous alloy, Ferromanganese, low carbon Ferrochromium and Ferro magnesium. Should choose experienced supplier, otherwise will face problem in the operation process.
For example, if you want to buy Ferrosilicon, can’t use bulk cargo to transport the goods. Because ferrosilicon belongs to dangerous goods, if it meets water, will be easy to combine with oxygen ions, then release hydrogen, even the quantity is less, meet fire will be blasted. So, it must be transported by container.
In China, the standard ferrosilicon has 72Si and 75Si, it means that the content of Silicon is not less than 72% and 75%, but some customer needs special content, such as 73Si, normally some supplier only can use 72Si instead of it, the content will be around 72.6%. Even you send third party to inspect the goods in seaport, it will be difficult to find out this problem. One customer wants to buy 2200 tons these goods, it will be a big risk for them.
Our major business is to supply the melting furnace, we had some customers to melt these alloys, so we understand the secret, and we can supply the qualified products as customer’s requirement without benefit, we only help our customer to recommend their products. If you need these goods, please feel free to ask us: jeven@smallEAF.com.