DC electric ARC furnace, AC arc furnace and Submerged arc furnace manufacturer

If you want to invest a melting plant, should consider your investment budget, power supply, raw material advantage, environmental protection, how to choose plant, how to sell the products and so on.

Base one your situation, begin to choose what kind of melting furnace, and choose the melting capacity. Normally bigger capacity can make lower cost production, but also should consider your power supply and budget.

Now we only talk alloy melting plant, most of the alloy melting must use electric arc furnace, for alloy melting, it is named submerged arc furnace. Because it needs very high temperature, and most of the raw material are non-conductor, only can use high temperature arc to fire it. Please don’t hesitate to this point, one Korean customer did not believe us, they chose induction furnace to melt ferrotungsten, finally can’t work. Even they add the electrical current very high, only can hot the crucible to red color, then made the material that near crucible to red color, but can’t melting the material.

The temperature of electric arc is 5500 degree, so even outside of material can over 1700 degree, most of material can be melted by submerged arc furnace.

You can choose the melting furnace of below as per your budget, raw material and power supply, we are manufacturer, can produce it as your detailed requirement:

DC Electric Arc Furnace

Submerged Arc Furnace

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arc melting furnace Automatic submerged arc furnace
cast iron melting furnace calcium carbide arc furnace
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DC electric arc furnace Ceramic/Ceramsite sand melting furnace
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