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Impulse bag-type duster for Electric Arc Furnace

Type: 64-4

Quantity of wind: 17800 m³/h

Total filter area: 248 ㎡

Quantity of duster tank: 4 pcs

Bag quantity of one tank: 256 pcs

Consumption quantity of compressed air: 0.6 (1.2) N㎡x min

Total weight: 8.3 tons

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The impulse bag-type duster is used for collecting the dust of our Electric ARC furnace, because there is pertroleum coke in the carbon stick (electrode), so the dust must be cleaned when the EAF is working, you can make a cover on the furnace or behind the furnace, through a pipe joint to the impulse bag-type dust collection system, then exaust out to clean air.

Please notice the length of pipe should less than 10 meters, otherwise, the power will be weak.

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