DC electric ARC furnace, AC arc furnace and Submerged arc furnace manufacturer

Submerged ARC Furnace (SAF) is used for melting alloy and other nonconductive material, because the electric ARC will be happened below raw material, it means electric ARC is submerged under the material, so it is called Submerged ARC Furnace (SAF).

Three-electrode AC electric arc furnace is a type of electric arc furnace that uses three graphite electrodes to generate an electric arc. The furnace operates by creating an electric arc between the electrodes and the material being melted. The three electrodes are arranged in a triangular shape around the furnace chamber, with one electrode at the top and two at the bottom.

The electric current flows through the electrodes and creates an arc between the tips of the electrodes and the material being melted. This arc heats up the material and melts it. The three-electrode design allows for better control of the melting process, as the three electrodes can be independently adjusted to achieve the desired temperature and melting rate.

The AC current used in the furnace helps to create a more stable arc and allows for better control of the melting process. The use of AC current also helps to reduce the formation of impurities in the melted material.

Three-electrode AC electric arc furnaces are commonly used in the steel industry to melt and refine steel scrap and other raw materials. They are also used in the production of non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, and zinc.

 This furnace can be used for producing Ferrosilicon, Silicon iron, Silicoferrite, Ferrosilicium, Si-Al-Calcium Barium Ferroalloy, Silicon-Aluminium-Calcium-Barium-Ferrous alloy, Ferromanganese, Manganeisen, Manganese iron, Ferrochrome, Ferrochromium, low carbon Ferro-chromium and Ferro magnesium.